Isnin, 26 April 2010


everything im doing for u.
how stupid i am.
im waiting for ur call.
im waiting for ur invitation.
but..the was so sad.
im nothing.
why should i ask u?
y dont u try to ask me?
too many times im asking u to do this n that..
to go here n there..
but then i realize.
everything was depending on me.
so, now..i take a new step.
i put everything on u.
when u wanna go out, where u wanna go..
everything dear.everything.
but.unfortunately, im sick with it.
because of too much hope that i put on ur hand.
that was my fault.
im not supposedly to do that.
u have ur own life.
but dear.plz.
reduce ur egoistic.
reduce ur temper.
then u will learn something
im supposedly to be very embrssd of all this things.
but. i try my best to make u happy.
however, i sorry.
im just n ordinary gurl..

till when we will be like this?

4 ulasan:

mira arifin berkata...

what's wrong?
look like you're losing your hope...
whatever it is,be patient...
love u.....

_aiza_ berkata...

seem like i know that "dear"....just relax...dont think too much....i luv u much more than him did....

QisTina berkata...

apakah yg terjadi?
bersabar ye..
kamu kan kuat.
saya yakin dgn kamu.
everything will be fine.
dont lose hope.
Allah is there for you.

Kuwe berkata...