Isnin, 26 April 2010


everything im doing for u.
how stupid i am.
im waiting for ur call.
im waiting for ur invitation.
but..the was so sad.
im nothing.
why should i ask u?
y dont u try to ask me?
too many times im asking u to do this n that..
to go here n there..
but then i realize.
everything was depending on me.
so, now..i take a new step.
i put everything on u.
when u wanna go out, where u wanna go..
everything dear.everything.
but.unfortunately, im sick with it.
because of too much hope that i put on ur hand.
that was my fault.
im not supposedly to do that.
u have ur own life.
but dear.plz.
reduce ur egoistic.
reduce ur temper.
then u will learn something
im supposedly to be very embrssd of all this things.
but. i try my best to make u happy.
however, i sorry.
im just n ordinary gurl..

till when we will be like this?