Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

10 years past

when we look back our life in 10 ten years past. what actually that we want in our life?ten years past, i was 12 years old.

still a young girl with a very childish attitude. in a primary school at year six. going to sit for upsr. =) . at this moent, what i want in my life are :
  1. be a top student in school : university
  2. get 5a's for upsr : 8a's in pmr : 10a's in spm : dean student in uni
  3. go for boarding school : enter university
  4. b the degree and masters' holder
  5. make my family proud of me.
  6. get a good job
  7. be a good person (anak yg solehah)
  8. to love and be love *er..ok.yg ni tipu. kecik2 dulu mama marah main cinta* T_T
  9. etc...
too much things aite? but, am i still wanna be like that after 10 years?do i think about it again? yes. and of cause i still think about it and still wanna be like that. some of it, ive already done. and some of it is still in progress.. =)..

dont do too much AZAM BARU if the AZAM LAMA itself never been success. and dont laugh to those who have their own ambition, dream or wut so ever as long as they know wut they should do. they know who they are and they know wut the meanings of life.

2 ulasan:

cEritA kU berkata...

10thn dulu.lepas belajar,nak cari keje yg stabil n capai impian kedua.tapi dah terlambat :)

pUrpL3 hYpp0 berkata...

ish...but rite now u dah ader kejaya sendiri..;)..